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About the Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies

The Faculty for Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies was established in 2016 on the foundation of  the Department of Italian Language Studies and the University Study Program in Culture and Tourism. The goal of the Faculty is to enrich the overall study program of the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula and to further develop the existing programs tailored by the needs of individuals, a labor market, the European development demands and the needs of the knowledge society as such. The new study programs meet the needs and standards of a contemporary society, as well as contribute to the labor market supply and demand and provide the necessary competences for future professions.

The Faculty consists of 

  • The Department of Culture and Tourism
  • The Department for Italian studies.

One of the most valuable characteristics are interdisciplinarity and  multilingualism, which are   reflected in the resourceful curricula of the programs. Professors come from different scientific backgrounds and some of their courses are held in foreign languages, too. 

We offer the following study programmes:

The future perspective of the Faculty strives to develop an up-to-a-date offer regarding  undergraduate, graduate, specialists and postgraduate study programs. The programs are to be based on interdisciplinarity and are to follow the contemporary teaching methods and approaches.

This new university Faculty of Juraj Dobrila University of Pula follows some of the worldwide academic practices;  Students are integrated by multiple scientific areas and fields of knowledge. The integration of competences and practical skills is a key concept of learning in a contemporary society. Therefore, the study program and curricula merge different areas of science, integrate multiple scientific areas and discipline, encourage and further develop the usage of critical thinking. Thus, the study programs provide the tools for students to create a wider, more dynamic and customized information process environment. The Faculty encourages the open-minded and flexible learning and the development of social skills and competencies necessary in the knowledge society.