Opcije pristupa─Źnosti Pristupa─Źnost

Mision, vision, goals and values


We offer the most modern approach to gaining an education on a national level, with a qualitative, up-to-a-date, competition-and-market-oriented and recognizable interdisciplinary study program s and  the life-long education programs, in correlation with the local and regional community and domestic, international, and scientific institutions.  

Our professors are motivated  professionals who enable our foreign and domestic students to contribute to an effective organization of a higher education and encourage them to take part in a life-long study programs in a student-friendly environment. The science and research activities of the Faculty actively contribute to a development process in the field of cognitive science. 


The Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural studies is a unique, open and creative regional center striving towards development and promotion of the interdisciplinarity in class, science researches and various professional activities. The further goal is to strengthen  the sustainable development in a social community and natural environment. Knowledge is obtained through up-to-a-date teaching approaches and methods aiming to create the unique environment for a higher education and the life-long learning and researching trends. This approach is recognizable on the national and international level. 

General goals

  1. Establish a specific Faculty position within the University and strengthen the integration of the other Faculty departments, add value to a competition on both national and international level. 
  2. Upgrade the teaching processes with a regular revision of current study programs, introduce some new interdisciplinary studies and life-long education programs for the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, prepare and carry out other forms of formal and informal learning, investigate in professional development of the staff. 
  3. Develop science and research Faculty activities
  4. Strengthen Faculty resources
  5. Build stronger market connections on every level, especially due to regular  upgrading system, redefinition and promotion of competencies and deficit professions, which are acquired through the study programs. 


The functions of Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies: administration, teaching, science and expertise, drawing on the foundation of humanities, civic and democratic values and principles:

  1. Legal and formal security
  2. Freedom of thought, expression and creativity
  3. Mutual respect, equality and cooperation
  4. Justice and fairness
  5. Powerful motivations and pro-activeness
  6. Cultural education and ethics of public speaking
  7. Maintaining professional ethical principles