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25th EURHODIP Conference – Poreč, Croatia

2nd – 6th November 2018

Hosted by: Faculty of Interdisciplinary, Italian and Cultural Studies, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula 


The United Nations has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Sustainable tourism fosters economic, environmental and social development of a tourist destination establishing proper balance between the needs of the local community and the specific tourists' requirements. Of their wide range, the impacts of tourism are challenging for the point of their perception by different interested groups in – directly and indirectly involved in tourism experience creation and tourist destination development. 

Responsible tourism behaviour of all stakeholders leads to sustainable tourism - a complete alternative to mass tourism. 

Tourism, if sustainably planned and managed, could, not only help to ensure prosperity for all, but also lead to a better understanding of sustainable development goals. They span beyond the mare volume of marketed economic activity. 

Inclusive and quality education for all and promotion of lifelong learning is one of the 17 set Sustainable Development Goals („Goals to Transfer Our World“) adopted in 2015 within 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Education is a cornerstone for sustainable development. Responsible education for responsible tourism opens up new perspectives for interested stakeholders – particularly students that will be creators of our future world. They must be aware of the role and the stake they have in creating positive collective impacts and raising awareness about experiences with social, environmental, cultural and deep emotional impacts. They need to be equipped with skills and competences to seize the opportunities and be able to put responsible tourism principles and practices at the forefront of any experience creation. They need to capitalize on their particular ability to understand blended social, economic and environmental values and provide communities with vibrant flourishing future.

This is why education plays an extremely important role in achieving sustainable tourism development.

Tourism Education Future Initiative (TEFI) is a social movement in educational sphere that unites educators, researchers, industry actors and community members, with the ambition to move beyond "business as usual" and change the behaviour.  “Business as usual” is a no longer accepted model. Corporate social responsibility is gaining an increased momentum. It is about new understanding of the economy and value creation, whilst allocating resources towards pursuing social objectives alongside financial ones. One of the core activities of TEFI is facilitation and dissemination of innovative, values-based learning experiences in tourism education. As such, the leaders of tomorrow's tourism educated through TEFI values would be able to demonstrate a range of qualities including stewardship, respect, care, high level critical thinking, reflexivity and moral responsibility. Values-based tourism education assists learners of all types to reflect upon and develop a strong professional core, where strong emphasis is on building stronger future through tourism that has the ability to look beyond the economic growth. 

The paradigm shift towards a more responsible traveller is happening right now and right here. This is why we will take this opportunity to emphasize a strong transformative power of tourism. 

Join us on the forthcoming conference and discover why responsible traveller will always feel the difference and enjoy!


  • Valamar Diamant Hotel Poreč

Conference fee

  • EUR 530

Conference Program

Parallel program for students will be organized. Students will be invited to participate in the Start up Challenge. 

Startup Challenge During the Upcoming Conference

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